SaltyDawgPWDS and breeding

At SaltyDawg Kennels my goal is to improve the integrity of the breed while breeding healthy puppies with sound temperaments whether for companions, conformation champions or performance and therapy work. All my puppies are raised with their optimum health in mind, which requires feeding as nature intended and the best holistic healthcare available in New England. 

I believe in Natural Rearing and desire to place my puppies in homes that are of like mind. All my dogs and puppies are fed a biologically appropriate raw diet and although I prefer homes willing to feed the raw diet I will consider placing puppies in homes feeding superior quality canned. We feed a rotation diet and recommend Stella & Chewy'sPrimalGrandma Lucy's Freeze Dried Raw, Nature's Variety - raw, Weruva canned and Orijen kibble and the BRAVO Raw Diet. My dogs are vaccinated with care. I do not believe in over vaccinating. Please click here to learn about the dangers of vaccines. If you are not serious about health issues and the rise in cancer, do not bother to apply for one of our puppies.

I offer a small in-home breeding program, which places your puppy in the heart of my home for the crucial first 9-10 weeks of life. I pride myself on the socialization and care I dedicate to your puppy from the day it is born. Your puppy will have received numerous visitors including some of my grandchildren and been exposed to as many sights, sounds, scents and road trips as possible. As I usually have five dogs at home, am active in my local all breed club, my breeds' National and regional clubs, teach water training to PWD owners, and compete in conformation, obedience, rally, water trials, nose work and agility, your puppy will be socialized with other dogs. 

Visitors are always welcome. Puppies are available to homes on a select basis.

I believe dogs should be good travelers so your puppy will make frequent road trips in preparation of his/her travel home. At seven weeks they will be temperament tested and I will begin the process of matching puppies to families. 

Besides DNA testing my own dogs for Storage Disease (GM1)PRA (Optigen) and Juvenile Dilated Cardiomyopathy all my dogs have hip and elbow x-rays at two years of age, which are submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. In addition PennHip x-rays are sometimes used  to provide a more intensive evaluation of the hips. All my dogs including my puppies have annual eye examinations submitted to the OFA Eye Certification Registry

My full time passion is to provide you and your puppy the best possible start. Due to my size and devotion to your puppy I usually have a waiting list. (This is an excellent time for you to prepare your home for this new family member). I urge you to read The New Complete Portuguese Water Dog Book, by Kathryn Braund, Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats: The Ultimate Diet by Kymythy R. Schultze, C.C.N., A.H.I., Stop the Shots by John Clifton, Ruff Love by Susan Garrett, and Click to Win by Karen Pryor or any of her books on clicker training. Please inquire before purchasing as I may have copies available. Other recommended readings are The Portuguese Water Dog by Carla Molinari, Dogs are from Neptune and The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson, The Dog Listener by Janet Ferrell, The Tao of Bow Wow. All are different and valued training philosophies, take from them what will work for you and leave the rest. 

All prospective Saltydawg puppy families MUST BE interviewed and I recommend you visit our home and experience the PWD in its home environment. I also run a webcam and maintain a closed group on Facebook for all my Saltydawg homes.

Please note that providing a home for one of my puppies is a life long commitment to the puppy as well as a working relationship with me. Whomever you decide to purchase a puppy from please be sure you are comfortable with establishing a long-term relationship. This is one of the most important factors I take into consideration when selecting a placement.

Most of my puppies have prospective homes before they hit the ground and all SaltyDawgPWDs are co-owned on the AKC registration papers for the safety of my puppies and to preserve the integrity of the breed until spaying/neutering takes place. Once spayed or neutered I will sign off the AKC registration papers if requested.

Wishing you paw prints on your heart and licks on your face we thank you for your interest in the SaltyDawgPWDs. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Karen, and the Saltydawgs
Mariah, Question, Glowworm, Emily, Sofia and the orange marmalade kitty Autumn

Please visit to learn more about the Portuguese Water Dog as well as the health concerns in this exuberant breed. 
The Sweet Grand Tots
The Pack at Play
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I am currently interviewing applicants for breedings in August 2020 and December 2020.