The Windstorms -- Mariah x Storm Puppies
PUPPIES ARE SPOKEN FOR DAIBLO is now Jackson & Njord Is Answer
Day 2, The boys' weights are 24.25 ounces & 23.25 ounces
Day 6, Diablo & Njord are both well over two pounds. These solid little men are so content. They barely make any noise -- except when in search of Mommy.
Diablo at Six Weeks and well over ten pounds
Week six -- Njord is now over ten pounds
Puppies Diablo & Njord with puppy girl Leala. Also in video puppies' Mommy, Mariah and Uncle Sunny. 11//29/10 at 6.5 weeks.
Bottom video is day before six weeks and is first time outdoors.
Above: Answer -- Saltydawg Blowing in the Wind at 4 months