Born 19 April 2007, Dolly is referred to by the PWD community as an improper coated PWD but let me tell you there is nothing improper about Dolly! This beautiful little girl is a Portuguese Water Dog through and through and steals the hearts of everyone who meets her. Dolly has been training in obedience, water and agility since eight weeks of age. Watch for her when she is old enough and ready to compete.
Dolly is owned, cuddled and loved by her breeder Karen Ash.
Yes, Dolly is a purebred AKC registered PWD.
Her smooth face is the result of two recessive genes.
Making her one very special girl!
SaltyDawg Slow Dancing with the Moon, RA, NA CGC
19 April 2007 - 30 August 2016
CERF: Current Dec. 2015
; Optigen Clear by parentage; Storage Disease Clear by parentage; Juvenile Dilated Cardiomopathy 1:1 Tested Probable Clear; OFA Hips: Excellent, Elbows Normal, SPAYED

D arling
O utgoing
L oveable
L augher
Y ummy
SaltyDawg Slow Dancing with the Moon, RA, NA, CGC 
earned her Rally Novice title under judge Ed Whitney after only 4 classes on 2 July 2009. 
On 12 July Dolly qualified for her first leg in Rally Advanced. She is currently training in Obedience, Agility & Water. 
*** 02/10/2010 Due to health issues Dolly's agility competition days have ended. Dolly will continue training in Rally and Obedience, hopefully competing in 2010.

Dolly maintains her status as Mommy's BEST bed dog!

The SaltyDawg's 
DOLLY doll!