"Super" Cooper
The home of Champion and Companion Portuguese Water Dogs

by Karen Kirby Ash

The day God gave you life
I held you in my hands and wept with joy
The day God took your life
I held you in my arms and wailed with woe

My heart aches so
I know not where to go
My eyes burn from tears
Memories of you everywhere

I could not stand the pain alone
I shared your loss -- a deep belly moan
How is it that I did not know
How many others loved you so

Your time with me was but so brief
I lay in your crate a ragged heap
I sob I scream I want you here
The loss of my Cooper I cannot bear

Such promises I had for you
There was nothing you couldn’t do
The bundles of joy growing within
All my hopes – what could have been?
SaltyDawg Raising the Roof is "our" champion at the Rainbow Bridge.