. . .and Britney the lone Whippet
The home of Champion, Working and Companion Portuguese Water Dogs
Britney was born on 28 April 2000. As a puppy she traveled extensively with us to AKC dog shows and has been shown in Junior Showmanship by our neice Christie and our granddaughters Colleen and Sarah. As an adolescent Britney had two group placements, a first and a third. Britney has been handled by Phil Nelson, pictured on right.

Britney's passion is lurecoursing and on 18 October 2003 she acheived her Junior Courser title. Currently she is working on her Field Championship in American Sighthound Field Association trials as well as towards her Senior Courser in AKC.
On 15 March 2006, Britney took over raising Lakota a singleton PWD.
Lakota became known as the Bridette puppy.
What a girl, fabulous Dam
and water dog!